Guide to creating you own Jeopardy Powerpoint Templates


Jeopardy is an amazingly constructive way to encourage children

Jeopardy is an amazingly constructive way to encourage children to help solidify comprehension in whatever subjects they are learning at the time in the classroom. Teachers will be surprised how much fun this is, and how well the children will respond to it. Whether learning about meteorology, characters from a play, biology terms and definitions or really just about anything, students will love engaging with both their classmates and with you, their teacher, in this exciting and fast-paced game that tests their comprehension and recall. They will work hard to either answer each question correctly for their own chance to win the game or to win in a team. Either way, just following the rules and playing along will be a lesson in not only the facts that they are working with but also good manners, structured interaction, and solid communication skills.

The added bonus of playing this game in a classroom is that the teacher will have the opportunity to assess the children’s strengths and weaknesses in a fun and the seemingly unstructured environment.

The game of Jeopardy is a fun and highly educational game that can be played with many different age groups. From children to adults, it is a fast-paced educational game that is guaranteed to engage all players. In this game, the players, or contestants, are given the answer and they have to provide the correct response or question. The number of rounds varies, but it is usually somewhere in the vicinity of thirty questions or so, but that is up to you. For each round, of which there can be two or more, with one final jeopardy question at the end, there are five questions. Answers get harder and harder as the game goes on, making the contestants have to work harder and harder for the answer.

The harder the question, the greater the points

Also, the harder the question, the greater the points. For starters, the question is in the affirmative, while the answer is in the form of a question. After all, rounds are completed, the contestants engage in final jeopardy. They can choose to risk all of their points or only a portion of them, in order to become the winner. This last question is in a class by its own, not following along with any of the other categories already played in the game. Basically, it is the most challenging question of the game. The winner is the contestant who answers the question correctly and gains the most points.

In order to facilitate the game, it is advantageous to have the questions written down prior to beginning the game. Entering your questions and answers into a PowerPoint presentation is a simple and effective way to organize and have ready all of the materials that you need for a smooth and fun game of Jeopardy.

Following is one way to do just that:

  • In Microsoft PowerPoint, begin a new project
  • The first slide is the name of the game, you can design it any way you wish in order to make it more appealing
  • Make the second slide, this can be where clues are selected
  • Insert a table on that second slide, you will want it to be six by six, for your categories, enter them into the first, or top row, all the way across. Assign a value to each cell in each column. The values are as follows, and are in ascending order: 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000. You can choose any value you wish, but these are the common values
  • Now make thirty blank slides, these will be for your clues
  • Return to the third slide and enter clues


One of the clues in one of the categories should be a daily double. This is an opportunity for a contestant to double down, if you will, on a question in order to gain more points. The contestant will wager first, then answer the question. Be sure to add an extra slide for this question in whatever category you choose. Once this is finished, you have to link them to their values, categorically so that, clicking on a value will link it to a specific clue. Do this for each value. Repeat this process for the second round, making sure to provide appropriate links to values and categories.

Final jeopardy slide

Think of a question for the final jeopardy slide, this should be the most difficult question of the entire game, research well and make it a good one!

Well there you have it a quick guide to creating your own Jeopardy PowerPoint Template, we hope you find it useful and if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them below.

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